Jul 31, 2009

1301 Boniface vs. William Nogaret

"BLATHER!!!!! My masters ship is made of titanium reinforced steel, and has the capacity to complete a Super Nova. The pope does not have a ship that can stand a chance, his ship is made of imaginary towers sitting on the corner of imagination way and ordination avenue. The pope is a man floating on haughty words. BLATHER! Why bother? Boniface will creep in like a Captain, attempt to reign like a mongrel, and die like a filthy Robot. He will be buried in the trash Heep of history. The pope is not to reign like an Emperor!" said Guillaume de Nogare.

Jul 30, 2009

1300 - 1500 Christiandom

It was 9:50 AM, a Thursday, and the good ship Boniface was being attacked by English and French Brutes. Phil, a Frenchy, drank his warm creamy latte; he was busy picking croissant crumbs from his shirt, Eddy a Limey, drank tea. He ate his scone with gratitude.

Both laughed, a victorious chuckle, at Pope Boniface and the words that he said:

"I did not mean to cut off clerical contributions for defense in times of dire need."

They were now able to tax the Church at will.

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