Nov 28, 2008

64 AD -200 AD Roman Healing thru Aesculapius

Rome was sick, drinking liquid elixirs, and praying to idols. Sacred dogs licked salty wounds off serpentine patients. If you wanted to get well, pray to Aesculapius, the Roman God of healing. Roman Christians had a health crisis on their minds; either Jesus' healing powers, or get a prescription filled by Doctor Aesculapius.

Nov 27, 2008

Iranaeus d. 202 AD - Recapitulation on the Golf Course:

God takes from his golf-bag a dimpled ball labeled Adams. He swings his driver awkwardly. The ball spins off, miserably landing in a lake.
God tells his Cady, "Mulligan?!"

Then, he stands backwards. He swings his driver, hitting a tree, ricocheting into the middle of the fairway.

"Which ball was that?"

God replies, "Jesus Christ!"

Okay this is heretical in a number of ways, first of first God never does make a mistake.  To say he needed a Mulligan was my lack of understanding of Christianity.   I like the story though.  But it is a sign that I have grown in my involvement with the Word of God.   Thank you LORD for bearing with me as I am blind with out your Spirit.

Nov 26, 2008

150 AD: North African Celius Critiques us Womyn

Celius chortled, at the Christian Line propagating along the amphitheater:
"Far from us, say the Christians be any man possessed of any culture or wisdom or judgment; their aim is to convince only worthless and contemptible people, idiots, slaves, poor women and children... These are the only ones whom they manage to turn into believers." (Shelley 47)

Nov 25, 2008

66-200 AD: North Africa and Carthage

Christianity was an urban movement, the villages were inhospitable. Christians feared the "Wild God Country". Argus kept his gaze against advancing Christians; guarding Apis' bulls from propagation. While, Isis alluringly tanned in the golden emmer fields; she stared admiringly at her looking-glass. She kept her naked body warm by the eternal flames of Phoroneus's fires.

Nov 24, 2008

66 - 200 AD: Go West (Africa)

Africa's time was a loop. You could set your watch, the Nile floods, every ten years. Africans clung mightily to the backbones of their Gods, high in Kilimanjaro, hoping to keep them pleased. African women circumnavigated Scarabs, seven times for fertile wombs. And then the Christians came and bent that Circle into a propagandizing line.

Nov 22, 2008

Journal Prompt-

Trinity Lakeland suggests using this guide in helping us in our our daily bible reading. I hope one finds it useful in growing up in Christ.

Community Bible Reading: Journal
Prompt; Courtesy of Trinity Presbyterian

One Prayer
“Jesus, I want to see You, fall in love with You, and becomeYou to others.”

One Word


Adore and worship God for who He is, what He has done, is doing, or will
do to save you
Confession: Ask God to forgive you for who you are, what you’ve done, are doing, or
want to do
Thanksgiving: Express the gratitude you feel toward Jesus for who He is, what He has
done, is doing, or will do to save you
Supplication: Ask the Spirit of Jesus to make you like Him on some specific way, so that
others can see the love of Jesus in you.
Enjoy the journal guide, this does not follow the rule of 55.. so relax... I know... Thanks Gregorio Roth

Nov 21, 2008

Route 66 Go West: Antioch

Paul was murdered by Rome. Jerusalem's Temple was no more but a wall. Sails were opened moving North-Westward. Antioch had become the New Christian Capitol.

(The hustling) rustling just to feast
(I know I'm) ready to leave too

(Go west) life is peaceful there
(Go west) there, in the open air

(Go west) This is what we're gonna do...
Pet Shop Boys- Go West

Nov 20, 2008

65 AD Attack Ad on the Jerusalem Gift

Gentiles, Pagans, Goyim, borught into our temple?
They are not circumcised onto the law?
Fact is, They don't wash their hands!!!
Fact is, They neglect circumcision!!!
Fact is, They have never tasted Grandma's Kugel?
Fact: They have red hair....
What's going on with the Jerusalem Gift?
Accepting the gift is pollution to our temple.

Nov 19, 2008

62 AD - Richmen Hold Onto their Gold: James 5:1-6

"Don't rain every time de pig squeal!"

"Come now! Rich-men weep, howling, crying, after their golden robes...

"Pigs dunno w'at a pen's fer, blunderin' fer der tempory tresur,

"Their corrosion will be evidence against them, It eats their ...flesh.

"Watch out w'en you'er gittin all you want. Fattenin' hogs aint in luck.
The Southern Plantation Proverbs that answer James 5:1-6 come from:

Botkin, B.A. A Treasury of Southern Folklore New York: Bonanza Books, 1980.

Nov 18, 2008

Acts 20:19 If Paul was a Member of NWA

Life in the streets is just a head game
Pagans only want you to stay down
Labeling me a flesh eater,
driving me out!

Why do I call myself a Christian you ask
Because my mouth is dirt monkey nasty
Christ deliver us from a deadly adversaries...
Yo! I'll be a Christian for Life.

Nov 17, 2008

Thunder Dome- Acts 19:13-16

Echoed.... Ephesians feared Zeus crying tears of a harlequin,
throwing thunder like children throwing blocks...
One could smell the phosphorescence of a huge bonfire... alighting the air...
Jews gathered their spells and casted them into the growing fire.
Fired up, glowing, Godly Turbines churned up the Old Greek Ways with out notice or regard.

Nov 15, 2008

Beware: The Interloper Gospel

**** The Merriam Webster Dictionary Defines Interloper as one that intrudes in a place or sphere of activity****

Granter of All Wishes: Give me what I want or I won't go! Quick Exchanges: Interlopers want quick gospels. Feeling Good: Interlopers sing happy songs about you! Marketing: Do not offend the world. The world has our money-bags. Interloper's views lead to Heresy. Franchising: Interlopers branch their churches out. American Idol: We become self centered Gods.
Are You Glorifying the LORD or YOUR COMMUNITY or Yourself? Allow the Interloper In You to Be Weeded Out.

Nov 14, 2008

52 AD: nArrowed Debate-Part Two

(Book of Acts 19)

Echo answered Echo, and the tumult swelled, into a buzz-saw of bitter meditations.

Paul with sweat on his brow taught the gospel in the heat of the day.

Echos fell in love of their own reflection.

The Sheppard Drones were infuriated by the repetition.

Ephesians wanted to tear the Christians and Jews into little pieces.

Nov 13, 2008

52 AD: nArrowed Debate-Part One;

nArrowed Debate Part One
(Book of Acts 19)
"By this Craft we have our Wealth!
This Paul is a lecherous provocateur; teaching that Gods are not made by man!
Are we to dethrone Diana*? Diana is the great protector of Children." charged Demetris the Silversmith.

The Whirlpool of sinister ministers eddied:

*Diana is also called Artemis

Nov 12, 2008

49 AD: Whispers Whisper in West Corinth

Whisperers dried voices; like wind in dry grass, were ready to burst into flame. They whispered meaningless words amongst themselves.

They prayed in their Corinthian Synagogues for an answer to the Christian Pests.

They sent Petitions to Rome

Rome sent the letters back, return to sender.

Christianity burst forth onto the world, burning-up with fever.

Nov 11, 2008

Whispering Whispers Awoke

The whisperers gathered at dawn, awaiting the event. A small troubled man stood in front of them, on a stony windswept mount.

He cleared his throat and spoke, "To an unknown God. Good News, he brought me to the banquet house.... and his banner over me is Love."

Whispering worshipers awoke; they  walked away quietly.

Nov 10, 2008

Hungry Goats Cue Up

They have turned the world inside out, they disturb our peace, Rome will hate us more." Religious Leaders.

"Come and fetch us out, they are ravenous Goat eating up our Widows Children, the homeless man's bench, shattering our fragile shalom." Paul

Paul stood still amongst the salivating hungry goats, awaiting the time, prepared for action.

Nov 7, 2008

What is Polycarp 55?

The blog uses 55 Word Stories to tell the History of the Church. I hope it serves to be educational as well as fun. I welcome you to check in daily except Sunday. I ask that you read and critique as you will. Welcome!
I hope you enjoy this site.
Gregorio Roth

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