Apr 22, 2013

Audio Sermon Prescription Warning
Sermons by Gospel Centered Churches is one way of hearing the word.   But do not think that listening to sermons is a way to make yourself justified with God. You are only forgiven through the work of the Godhead (Father. Son. Holy Spirit.)  Your own efforts outside the Godhead (God, Christ, Holy Spirit) will end in disorder, despair  and feelings of being cheated.  Your feelings of being unfairly treated by God, are out of focus and  a readjustment from a Pastor, or Elder,  at your Local Church would be recommended.  These sermons, no matter how tremendous,  do not replace the need to go fellowship with other believers. Fellowship is one of the four means of Grace: The Preached Word, Prayer, Sacraments  and Fellowship.  I find that fellowship keeps me from tainting the news with my own biases.  These biases taint the message being delivered.

Mar 29, 2013


I can see the argument of those that attack the Gospel use one weapon that only goes one way.... they stick to this idol with a cathexis, a focus so strong as to be unhealthy, they become obsessed with defacing the Gospel. But what will make them rethink may be the Centipede dilemma, where if you ask them why they will get to a point where they can no longer answer it... and in their frustration they will loose their ability to reason accurately. We have a truth that is the truth... and guided by the holy spirit we can stand to reason.

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