Jan 17, 2012

Movie Reviews: Sharing Movies That Speak to the Gospel

Buck (2011)

Viewed on 1.16.2012 via Netflix Instant Que also on Show Time (until 1.17.2012)
Genre: Documentary
Language: English
Age Group Best: Highschoolers hanging in the parking lot to Old Men Playing Checkers
Length: 1:28:48

Short Summary-No Spoiler

Buck Branaman is a great horseman, who learned to harness his own pain from his abused youth, in order to train people how to treat their horses with love and respect.

"God had him in mind when he made a cowboy."

Jan 13, 2012

Bible Study Tips

This is the symbol for Human Heart Pride  
I find it useful, when studying proverbs, to have a visual guide to each stanza.  I will leave it up to the reader to find the symbol that works best for them.   For the human heart themes I draw a heart and then put a capitol letter inside the heart.  See picture.
The themes include:

Human Heart   
Human Heart Pride  
Human Heart Anger  
Human Heart Broken Spirit  
Human Heart Hatred  
Human Heart Self Control  
Nature of God  
Poverty and Wealth  
Industry and Laziness  
Home Life  
Worthy Woman  
Marital Matters  
parents and Children  
The Nation  
Numerical Riddles   

Jan 4, 2012

How DO We come to Faith?

Eric Metaxas conversion story is presented here.  He was immersed in his humanistic secular world being a Princeton Grad; but then he had a dream.   The dream woke him up to the reality that is found in Christ.  It is a moving story... check it out here.

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