May 2, 2012

Men Beating Drums

Morality in Hollywood? Was there a time?

Yes, there was a time.  Hollywood, in the late 40's,  felt their job was to maintain and condition morality in suburban America. 

"A nude statue! Who said anything about nudity? Tits.  Didn't anyone tell you that tits aren't allowed in a Hollywood film? It doesn't matter how beautiful they are, it's immoral and indecent.  Plus, the goddamn statue has to come to life on screen. Do you want us to be accused of corrupting the whole of America?" Ava Gardner in My Story by Ava Gardner.

Did creating a strict moral code work?  No, policing morality did not work.  Because, by enforcing a moral code only pushes the sin deeper into society's stitching.  Also it took the responsibility off of the family and put it in the hands of the state.   Fascist control never works to moralize a society. 

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