Jul 15, 2012

Men Beating Drums: Slumps

Hard to believe that Mr. Tim Hardaway of the Golden State Warriors, went 0-15 for field-goals, in one game.

Heck, I probably would have said to myself, "I am no longer any good, time to retire."

 But even the All Stars deal with slumps sometimes.

We, men, tighten up when we fear that our performance is not adding up.  We are most likely to terminate our position for fear that we are not adding to a well run machine.  However, during slumps we must trust our abilities and the ability of the team, and go forward, not dwelling on could have beens, or on the problem that happened earlier.   One must first relax, laugh, and allow the flow to happen; forcing the flow only makes things a lot worse.

Enjoy the video clip:

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