May 12, 2010

A New Kind of Christian: A Tale of Two Friends on A Spiritual Journey

Challenges to the faith will strengthen not weaken Christianity. The challenges are why we have the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Creeds, and the writings of John Calvin. Questioners need to be raised in order to see the true state of Christianity. Brian McLaren is one of these questioners of the current state of Protestant Faith.

This review will not try to answer if Brian is correct in his assessment. I need to read more in order to create a proper response to his questions.

But the questions are the gift that McLaren endows to the readers; here are a few of the questions:

  1. What are the agreements that we make about the proper role of the church?
  2. What is the framework we utilize to understand the Church's response to the Trinity?
  3. What did Modernity do to the structure of the Church?
  4. What does the church do with a loss of a meta-narrative?
  5. How does money effect the preaching of God?
  6. Why is their power in the Bible?
  7. Which kingdom does the Church serve Caesar's Imperialism, or the Kingdom of God?
  8. What are the ordinary means of Grace?
Whats next, I plan to read more of Brian McLaren; but I also will read some of the classic church fathers works. As C.S. Lewis says, the Church Fathers offer clarity for this age, because they are not chained to biases of the current age. The Church Fathers help one see the biblical narrative clearly. "Heretic" or "Heretic Not" McLaren has posed a number of beneficial questions.

Please listen to: Beware of Heresy by Gervase Charmley at Bethel Evangelical Free Church • Hanley, Stoke on Trent

Here are a couple of books I recommend reading between Emergent Philosophers:

Jones, Tony You Converted Me the Confessions of St. Augustine

The Church Fathers at the Ethereal Library

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