Jun 30, 2010

Bible Commentary for 6.30.2010

I have decided to keep track of my bible notes here.   I am still learning and hope to look back on these notes and find places where I failed to grasp the concept.   This way each time I come to the passage I am renewed in my faith by the convictions of the Holy Spirit.

Leviticus 14
Sacred unblemished perfect  blood is the way of cleansing.  (Points to the need for the cross.) The priest petitions for the sinner (leaper) before God; just like Christ does for us now.  Not just for the rich, all leapers are to go through this not just rich or not just poor, for there is the doves or pigeons if one can not afford a lamb.

Belief in the lord does not guarantee monetary gain.

Mildew is something that can kill a house; it is much like leaven in bread, it will be pervasive in the whole house,
also all things that are in the house are contaminated.

I Chronicles 2: Okay, so whats with all of these names?  "The key to legitimacy and identity is a direct irrefutable familial tie with the past." (Archeological Study Bible 1559) "Genealogies were especially important in ancient Israel because the right to hold important offices was a hereditary privilege."(IBID)

Read the Covenant made with Abram in (Genesis 15:5)  God promised that he would deliver a very large household, here is part of the fulfillment of that promise.

This is a proclamation of God stating "I am here.  I am working." 

It is important to God that we bear children of promise.  I noticed that it was written, "Seled died without children."  this also was mentioned "Jether died without children."  God knows we may notice the first mention of without children, so it is written again, we are dumb and stubborn so we need things often repeated.

Ezekiel 6
God loves us enough to take away our idols.  He is the way and the life and the true light, while we often turn our eyes to things easier to comprehend,  this road ends in slavery.  High places = bamah  (height). Why should we care about high places today?  The warning according to the archeological Study Bible (Zondervan) states that when we are away from proper worship in our ordained churches, churches connected to the holy spirit through the reading of the WORD,  we are often influenced by popular culture.  This influence by popular culture will destroy our faithful walk.

Ephesians 2 
2:22 and you are also being built together into it- the home which God inhabits by His Spirit. (Bruce 273)

Commentary on Ephesians:  
Jesus Christ doth differ from the the foundations of other buildings in this, that every particular believer is not only laid upon him (Jesus), and supported by him as it is in material buildings but they are also indented in him, and hid, and were, in the clefts of that rock by saving and serveth for a refuge from the storm, a shadow from the heat (Isaiah 25:4)  for he saith not, "upon whom" but "in whom ye also builded."(Fergusson 170)

Cultural Side Bar: indented: This word was used in the movie Eclipse when the Wolf Boy is talking about how his clan loves another, they make an imprint of them, this means that they feel with this person, the thing that person feels, it is an encompassing spirit. 

Scripture Memory
John 1:8-9
8 He was not the light, but came to bear witness about the light. 9 The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world.

6/30/2010Leviticus 141 Chronicles 2Ezekiel 6Ephesians 2
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