Oct 11, 2010

Mad Men Bent on Anarchy

Morality According to God: A graphic representation of chapter 2 He Is There and He is Not Silent by 
Francis A Schaeffer
Dada: Nothingness Defines the World. Anarchy
Dictatorship: The Dictator decides what is best for the people.
Hobbesian Politics:  One man over the population. 
Socialism: Greatest Good decides what is best for the people.
Judeo-Christian World View morality is personal and particularly prescribed by a loving God, told to man in the entire Christian Cannon (AKA the bible)

Man was created by God in his own image, in his own image God created man, but because we rebelled we became abnormally bad and become more sinful as time progressed. Till the day we awaited a cure that could only be found in Christ. If the cure is not Christ than all is lost and we might as well call ourselves mad men bent towards anarchy. 

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