Oct 12, 2010

Gospel Beginnings.

The gospel is a hard nut to crack into exact, precise words.   The gospel is understood best by continually reading Romans 1:1-21 [for about seven times during a week of intense study], but by the end of that time you would probably be exhausted and not be able to come up with a precise definition of the gospel.   The gospel is the pivot point of Christianity.  
But to begin our picture lets paint a story;
Once upon a time, and still to this day man (lets call him Adam) was sinful. Adam worked as a mechanic in a sinful machine.  Each machine part was tainted with sinful dust, which added more and more dust, and made piles of dust each and every day (365 24/7).

No matter how hard Adam tried to get rid of the dust, the dust was always there.

God had kept an eye on the machinery of man and was not pleased with the continual accumulation of dusty particles.   God will call him El, knew that the only solution was to help man with the dust problem.   El knew he was the only hope for man.   So the lone gun man El, sent his Logos-Son-Jesus into the factory.  Jesus turned over the factory and busted the machinery into tiny pieces.   The machinery would no longer be able to produce the sinful dust that had so plagued man.
Man was/is stubborn and it took time for man to see the awesome power of Monkey wrenching Jesus.
 Some men even went and started building more machines.
So Jesus proclaimed, if you join that crew you can not be part of my kingdom.   Jesus came to adopt man into a kingdom absent of dusty machines.
{The Beginning}

 I know that there are flaws in my story, so write me and discuss where you may have a problem with this explanation: 

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