Mar 31, 2011

Studies in Joshua-3:1-17

At thy voice of thunder so fearful they be,
         That in their great raging they haste soon away. 

Joshua 3:1-17 To cross over the Jordan.  The symbol of all the mighty rivers we must cross.   Lets love each other as an army of believers who all have Jordans to cross.

According to Charles Drew in his Sermon Study of Joshua the Jordan represents-

  1. a huge obstacle, one that we can not conquer on our own.
  2. Obstacles in our lives that are more than annoying. 

  • Up stream should not make you fear, for the LORD has already made the truth occur, he has a plan, he has a will, and his will is always done to the Glory of his name. 
  • The arc goes before us in all that we do, even in brushing our hair.  
  • He bears the hard rain himself so the flood dissipates.

Golf and Water Hazards

  If you look at the Water Hazard the ball is a magnet to the water.   I was afraid of hitting trees when I played junior golf.   One day, I wanted to impress my golf mates, so I took out my driver; swung hard, and hit a tree;  the ball came back onto us, and we all ducked and covered.   I saw the tree as an active Ent that would step in the way of the ball and throw the ball back to me.   I gave the tree way too much power, a power that day that made us duck.  I did not look towards Christ's loving grace as already gone before I even started the swing of the club....And then I felt embarrassed and continued to play lousy, for I gave all my fears way too much power.   If you allow the Devil to hang around, he will make your life Hell.

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