Nov 26, 2011

John Owen part 7:16

Oconnell LG Incredible Melting Man
John Owen part 7a:16

As Larry Kirk in his sermon on 11.20.2011 at Christ Community Church said, Justification only comes in this order:  (F)Faith + (J)Acceptance by God (Justification) = (C)results in a changed life of Good works lived for God.     The devil inside us all attempts to re-arrange the order of F+J=C; if we attempt this, there is no way out, and the road is a last exit ramp to Hell.    Tomorrow we will go further into the argument by John Owens in Chapter 7.

Funny moment on blogging:  Chapter 7 became an automated link that took you to a lawyer firm that offered assistance in divorce hearings.  So always recheck your posts to see if Google has automatically linked a service not intended for your passage.  

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