Nov 16, 2011

John Owen the Mortificiation of Sin part II

now let the heart be cleansed by mortification, the weeds of lust constantly and daily rooted up (as they spring daily, nature being their proper soil), let room be made for grace to thrive and flourish, —

Owen, John (2010-07-29). Of the Mortification of Sin in Believers - Enhanced Version (Kindle Locations 559-561). Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Kindle Edition.

If you don't weed your garden than the weeds will choke any of the beneficial soil from it.  So it is with the hearts of man, if you don't feed on the word of god then the daily tribulations will choke off the fertile soil in which you will grow more and more in Christ each day.  Not saying that the end point is determined by our work, but it is a matter of when do you want peace in your life? Do you want to have a life of constant trials and in the end find the Lord has blessed you from the start? The question is time related.   The end point will be God's doing.  Also this does not mean you will be able to walk 100% in pure motives for sin lays dormant (more on this tomorrow).
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