Dec 19, 2011

Review: The Fight of Our Lives

William Bennett helped me re-tune to the political spectrum in his book A Century Turns, which was published in 2010.  Now that it is 2011 and Bennett gives room for my fears in the book The Fight For Our Lives.   The Obama administration has exemplified what was wrong with the tenants exposed to me in my 1970’s elementary education, Free To Be You and Me, it allows the Bullies ample room to dictate the rules of the playground. 

But instead of Bullies with large arms and Neanderthal Thoughts, we have a world being run by the terrorists, and our President and Leaders say, "Hey as long as you don't bother us too much, you are free to be the way you see best. Even when this may be a violent notion towards our people."  As if we are asking, "Does it work for you." 

The United States use to reign in the fight for freedom, now we have abandoned our post and let the Barbarous Destructive Theologians free reign to do as they see fit.  This is not good, not good at all.  A bully does not change because they are cuddled and loved.  Bullies change when they know there are consequences to their actions.  This book is a hopeful wake up call to the United States, hopeful in waking the United States up before it is too late.  

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