Feb 24, 2009

February 476: What I've Thought - Legendary Norse Goddess Frig

By Polycarp 55
Associated Mideivel Times:
/ Honored that the English used my name to name Friday.

"Frau Holle"
they borrowed a lot of my legend. My favorite line from that story by the Grimm Brothers is, "Since you have let the reel fall in, you must fetch it out again."

are stronger than men, just look at birth, no man in his right mind would want to go through it

I truly did not think that the mistletoe would be a threat to him, a strong lesson that I should account for all things, old or young, gigantic or small...

refused to take care of their fingernails. I hate men with dirt under their fingernails,

such a control freak, he was so mad at me for frolicking with my servants, heck they are my servents, serving me

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