Feb 23, 2009

Interlude: Repentence!

"With what troops of diseases are we beset on every side." Matthew Henry on Leviticus 13

As a kid I was convinced that if I dug long enough I could get to Shanghai China.
I would get there and then pop up on a busy street in an audible orient.

As I scratched at the ground bugs would run away. The bug universe is similar to the sins that abound in my heart. The more I repent, the more I find things that lay hidden in my human knowledge learned over time. Knowledge created ate at my heart; eventually killing my child like wonder, rotting my mind as if it was a worm inside an apple. Sin would lead me to a life like a rotten core to be thrown into the garbage can.

Repentance kills this process of degradation, and all I am left with is a harmony with Christ Jesus.

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