May 14, 2009

1033-1109 Ontological Arguement Revealed to Bertrand Russel

Anslem a monk and Archbishop of Canterburry made this arguement for the existence of God betwen 1033-1109.
1. God is something than which nothing greater can be thought.
2. God exists in the understanding.
3. It is greater to exist in reality and in the understanding than just in understanding.
4. Therefore, God exists in reality

Bertrand Russel in 1894 walked from the University down Trinity Lane.

Women talked about the fashions amongst the green verdant vegetables. The men in red coats and black hats discussed the current philosophy of the day; faith must precede understanding. The sun cast a shadow against the yellow grimly stained buildings full of noisy children learning from their open books and strict school masters. The red roofs of the buildings stood in contrast to the crosses on top of the cathedral.

An idea alighted on Bertrand Russel, like a stick of dynamite. He had gone out to buy a tin of tobacco but on his way back he was struck, the tin went spiraling in the air, and he exclaimed as he made an amazing catch, "Damn, the ontological argument is valid. Great Scott, the ontological argument is valid."

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