May 16, 2009

1079 – April 21, 1142 Abelard: Christ Showed us Grace

On the rocky shore of Cedar Key Florida, at low tide, I saw two crabs walking backwards. It was a spectacular morning, around four AM and the full moon was still lighting the beach.

I looked closer and saw that the crabs were kin. The mother was busy scolding her offspring and did not pay attention to me, the weather, or anything else.

"Why in the world, child, do you not walk as the other creatures do-forward instead of backward?" she complained.

"Mother, dear," replied the little Crab, "do but set the example yourself, and I will follow."

"Through this unique act of grace manifested to us - in that his Son has taken upon himself our nature and persevered therein, in teaching us by word and example even unto death - he has more fully bound us to himself by love; with the result that our hearts should be enkindled by such a gift of divine grace, and true charity should not now shrink from enduring anything for him." (Placher 145)

Application: Example is the best precept.

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