May 11, 2009

1225-1253 A Visit with Grossestese

As we walked down the corridor we are greeted by a lone monk.

"Welcome! I am Senior Grosseteste of England. Allow me to amuse you in these hallowed corridors of our Roman Church; where we appoint not pastors but destroyers of the hearts of men. Our clergy rank highly in the arts of covetous, greed and of course immorality. When we hear of protest we deem those protesters heretics, and send them to our Hell-Hound Cerebrus. Cerebrus gnaws on bones with a passion not equaled. What a delightful sound to hear them cry like babies, while our dog gnaws on their flesh, ripping them into pieces. Such delights! We will use any means neccessary to protect the sanctity of our mother the Church. We just ask that you believe."

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