Sep 12, 2010

A National Crime Against Our Children

Katzenjammer Kids bring Havoc to the Nation
There have always been social critics of American Culture.   We need to remember our past in order to remind ourselves that we have been here before.   Currently I am reading The Ten Cent Plague by David Hajou, where he shows that our nation cracked down on comics in the 1900-1940's because they believed them to be a danger to kids.  I do not believe that mass media is the sole work of the devil.   But it is neat to see what others have viewed as the devils work:

"Are we parents criminally negligent of our children, or is it that we have not put our minds on the subject of continuing to allow them to be injured by the inane and vulgar "comic" supplement of the Sunday Newspaper?"
Ladies Home Journal "A Crime Against American Children"  January 1909.

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