Sep 9, 2010

Points of Light for the Mannishness of Today

We as Christians need to be careful of being too inviting to Islam. There is a war, and we are in it, for Islam sees non Islams as degenerated heretics of the faith. They fight a jihad to bring back degenerated sinners back to the flock through all means necessary.

Man's means are limited and fail to do what the cross does for sinners (who are now accepted by Christ).

We need to fight in truth and love, only through the white light of Christ, will the shadows dissipate and truth will stand purely apparent.  The problem with the Gainesville preacher is that he is spreading hate not love.  Hate begets hate begets hate, sending us outward away from the true relationship promised to Abraham by God.   Hate only spreads a cloud over the truth, a cloud spreads over God, we no longer hear the clear voice of God; for our emotions have taken over.  We are fastened to an emotional cloud that deludes the mind.  

10  Points of Light for the deluded minds of today:

  1. Align our hearts in Love to be obedient to the LORD who is there and who cares. 
  2. We need to join community groups and churches  that have a backbone based in biblical truth (the word comes first). 
  3. We need to get back to reading the bible daily. So we can discern if the Church we belong to is truly biblical.   (I do not mean to do reading out of obligation, but for a love of the truth). If the bible is not center in our worship than we often go astray and do our own things, thinking we are doing what God wants us to do, but in reality the Diabolical Forces are whispering chaotic thoughts into our minds. 
  4. We need to get to the basics, back to the reformers like Johnathan Edwards and his  signs of true Christianity.       
  5. We need not tolerate antics from amateur pastors who are leading their fifty to millions of  members astray.(Read # 3).  If our church has made our Pastor the God then we need to first confront our Pastor, then if this does not work ask to join another church that is more biblically centered.  We should not join a church until we know that the biblical leaders are centered in the truth of the word. 
  6. We need to get back to prayer. (Corporate and Individual).  
  7. As well as imprinting the word through memorization of true biblical passages.  God's word found in the bible should be grafted on the front of our minds as we go out into the world.
  8. We need to budget our time and our expenses really be stewards of God's gifts, this includes tithing.  
  9. We need to grow in love with others who may not see how Christ is the savior.  We must be firm in our understanding, but loving in our approach to others.  
  10. We must ask god to forgive our mannishnes the need to put man first in worship and god last in our worship. 

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