Sep 9, 2010

Thursday Bible Study 6 Am Panera Bread (Genesis 18 continued)

  • Abraham had a personal relationship with God.
  • Abraham felt he could stand in front of God.  
  • Abraham was a shadow of one who is prophet, priest, and king.  This would be completed in Jesus Christ our LORD.  
  • Abraham attempted to petition God on the behalf of Sodom, God can not change his promises.  God is bound by his own words.  
  • Sodom was destroyed. because: 
    • Sodom does not repent of its sinful ways.   
    • Sodom was guilty of Sinning in the following ways:
      • Sexual Depravity (Jude 7)
      • Arrogance and abuse of the poor. (Ezek 16:49-50)
      • Failure to show hospitality (Genesis 19:8)
  • The LORD Looks for 10 righteous and can not find them.  He stops at ten, here is maybe why: 
    • The number 10 is very significant as it symbolizes "completeness of order" "nothing lacking" "everything in its proper order" Thus the number 10 represents the perfection of "divine orderThe "
    • 10" Commandments (Exodus 20:2-17)
    • The "10" Righteous" (Gen 18:32)
    • The "10" Generations
    • 10 is symbolic of "the start of a whole new order" and the culmination of all the numbers that came before it. (From Wiki Answers)

    • minyan (Hebrewמִנְיָן‎ lit. to count, number; pl. מִניָנִים minyanim) in Judaism refers to the quorum of ten male Jewish adults required for certain religious obligations.
      The most common activity requiring a minyan is public prayer. Accordingly, the term minyan in contemporary Judaism has taken on the secondary meaning of referring to a prayer service.
    • Sodom had no way to go back and repent of their wrong doings, because 10 righteous dudes were not found. No Ten Righteous Dudes means No Quorum.   No Quorum means religious obligations including worship are not held.  One needs a place of prayers in order to ask forgiveness of Sins and repent of ones wrong doings.  
The Reformation Study Bible  R.C. Sproul Ed (Orlando, Florida: Ligonier Ministries) 2005. 

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