Mar 30, 2012

Men Beating Drums

What Killed Paul Bern?

Reason is like most tools: helpful if used properly dangerous if abused.*

Bern was a small member, or had a small member, and played a large part in the lore and legend of "Ta-ta Hollywoodland". If your mind is going to a place of sexual intrigue, then good; Paul Bern was a man obsessed with his sexuality, and it eventually consumed him. He was born with a penis the size of a pinky finger. .  He read the psycho-babel of Freud, and found an enlightened solutions, he would find the best and most sexual girl he could find and marry her. His solution was based on faulty logic, that he needed replace the affection that was given to him by his mother.
He found this woman in the screen sensation, and platinum blonde bombshell Jean Harlow. He married her in hopes of curing his need for attention, an attention that could not be filled by any woman, even Jean Harlow. He needed to find the love of God, for this was his only hope of reshaping his deformed mental frame. His solution was to kill the body that he saw as deformed.  His final solution was formed by his belief in the wrong means of redemption.   He destroyed his body, in order to release himself from the curse of a small penis.  
God does not see our bodies as deformed but as perfect, because when he looks at us, he looks at Christ. Christ has taken our place.  Christ lived in order to free us from  the harmful effects of our sin.  Christ lived in order to reconnect us to our loving Father who is in heaven.   He lived to set our minds and our hearts to a way far from the old path.  He died to release us from the bonds of enlightened works. Allow us today, to set our deformities at the cross of Jesus. His power cures the most decrypted mind and set us on a beautiful course.

The ideas were shaped from reading the biography of Jean Harlow and also reading:

*A Shot Of Faith (To The Head): Be A Confident Believer In An Age Of Cranky Atheists 

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