Mar 9, 2012

The Study of History

Why study history? What does it matter to me? Washington's Crossing (Pivotal Moments in American History)by David Hackett Fischer (Pulitzer Prize for History (2005), Ambassador Book Award for American Studies (2005), Massachusetts Book Award Nominee for Nonfiction (2005)) is such a book that all American's should read! Why? Because it shows how providential God has been in putting us where we are currently as a nation.
Had Washington not been General? Had General Charles Lee not been captured? (Lee would have stalled Washington from crossing the river, as he was the typical overcautious general.) Had the Hessian Forces and Brits not been overconfident? Had a woman not kept the Hessian General at home, instead of in his key position on the battle front?  Then the American Story would have been quit different.
Let us not loose hope when the odds seem to be stacked up against us! For that is when the American Character shines best. For this nation was created by just a few farmers, fishermen, and good old boys from humble beginnings. At times it looked like the American Revolution would be a losing cause, but by faith and a reliance on the providential hand of God, we were able to wear down the Powerful Occupier. The Europeans looked down on our yoemen, a Hessian general said,: "Fiddlesticks!” Rall replied. “These clodhoppers will not attack us, and should they do so, we will simply fall on them and rout them.” Rall said these words on December 23rd 1776, two days later Washington had surprised the superior forces and took back the most important Delaware City.

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