Feb 28, 2012

Movie Review Black Death

in an age of darkness one man will face the ultimate battle between good and evil.

This one passage abundantly testifies that this rite had its beginning from the Apostles, which afterwards, however, was turned into superstition, as the world almost always degenerates into corruptions, even with regard to the best institutions-John Calvin on Hebrews 6:1-2
In an age of darkness one man will face the ultimate battle against evil.
But what is Hope? Nothing but the paint on the face of existence, the least touch of truth rubs, it off and when we what a hallow-cheeked harlot we have got hold of.- Lord Byron
Viewed 2.28.2012
Genre Horror
Language English
Rated R:Strong brutal violence, and some language
Parent Advisary Parents should be careful as this movie is brutal and questions a number of Christian Ideas. It is important that you have a discussion with your child after viewing this movie.

I found this movie listed on Netflix, in their new release section, and felt it was a tremendous movie.   Black Death illustrates the terrible effects of the bubonic plague.  Superstition filled the time.  The church ran everything.  And anyone outside of the norm could be branded and burned a heretic.
   This movie could easily be missed, as it was produced by Europe, Germany and England, and was released in Ireland, so the "American Media" did not advertise it.  But if you were to miss it, that would be a shame. 
Why spend the time on a movie set in a far past?  This movie embraces a time of uncertainty.  This movie illustrates a historical period where the elite grasped control over its citizens. The movie looks at woman who dare survive a time that they are made the enemy.    The movie then looks at death.   Death is a very difficult thing to look at truthfully.   We often avoid the topic because death is painful. The movie explores necromancy, and answers why one may desire to raise the dead from an untimely end.
Stephen King said in an interview with the Paris Review that horror explains the cult of fear and confusion in an uncertain time.
"In every life you get a point where you have to deal with something that's inexplicable to you,"
  The message is a warning against a nation or a people allowing fear to rule them.  

Director Christopher Smith
Prodcued By Egoli Tossell Film (presents) HanWay Films (presents) Zephyr Films (in association with) Ecosse Films Post Republic, The (in association with)
Released UK 26 May 2010
Special Awards or Noted Where aired in the BBC FILM 4 Fright Fest
LocationsBlankenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany (Castle Blankenburg)
Burg Querfurt, Querfurt, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
Torgelow, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany (Ukranenland)

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