Dec 11, 2008

312-337 Christianity UberDog

Christianity gained traction under Constantine. Constantine shows us that God is bigger than an earthly kingdom. God is greater than any terror organization. God is greater than our sins...He will bring us out from our inner slavery, as he did in Mitzrayim, bringing us forth with a mighty hand and with an outstretched arm.

Obermann Once More

by Matthew Arnold

"She broke her flutes, she stopp'd her sports,
Her artists could not please;
She tore her books, she shut her courts,
She fled her palaces;

"Lust of the eye and pride of life
She left it all behind,
And hurried, torn with inward strife,
The wilderness to find.

"Tears wash'd the trouble from her face!
She changed into a child!
'Mid weeds and wrecks she stood--a place
Of ruin--but she smiled!

"Oh, had I lived in that great day,
How had its glory new
Fill'd earth and heaven, and caught away
My ravish'd spirit too!

"No thoughts that to the world belong
Had stood against the wave
Of love which set so deep and strong
From Christ's then open grave.

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