Dec 18, 2008

325-345 Intermission: Of the Holy Spirit

Sorry this exceeds the 55 Words of a Regular Post...

John 16:14-15 The holy spirit takes what is Christs and Glorifies that truth to the Church. Guiding the Church along the correct path.

John 14:7 The Holy Spirit allows us to see the Divine Design.

Joel 2:28-32 The Holy Spirit has been given to all. The Spirit allows us to dream of a New Perfect Kingdom. The Youth will see how they will shape society. On all, that are in Christ, this includes male and female. No longer is the Spirit only with the highest priests.

The Spirit Restores the relationship that we had on the other side of Nod, in the Garden of Eden. A new relationship where we can "kibitz" with God Daily.

No longer do we need to wait for Yom Kippur, where God is open one day for conversation and repenting of our sinful ways. Now we have a relationship where we can till our weeds and repent daily. It amends the relationship with God by humbling us and exalting him.

Romans 8:1-27 The spirit frees you from the chains of slavery, and the road to death (Sheol or Hell). The spirit makes a change in man, a change that allows man to be one with His holiness. The spirit provides a way for man to fulfill the law, because instead of fulfilling the law out of obligation, we fulfill the law out of Spirit.

We now can keep our eyes on the prize, and keep our eyes away from carrion comfort. The spirit makes a path of peace even in a hard knocked life. You are made one with the LORD through the Spirit. We are made sons of God through the Spirit.

The Spirit helps the environment freeing it from the pollutions made by our Sins.

The Spirit forms our praying lives. We learn rightful prayer. We learn to pray for things that are not just beneficial to us, but are beneficial to all in Christ's Kingdom.

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Cynthia's Botanical Arts said...

Just a note of clarification, as sometimes assumptions can lead to misunderstandings when it comes to faith.
prayer can be an everyday thing, in all faiths. I know, as a Jewish person, I pray every day, for Christians and non-Christians, alike. I know you mean well and I love you for that.

Polycarps 863 said...

I agree with this thought and do not want to assume

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