Jul 12, 2010

7.12.2010 Community Bible Reading

Church History in One Sentence (Maybe More Than Just One Sentence): 
David Brainerd in 1739, was called by the holy spirit to be a missionary to Native Americans in the United States.  He would be the influence and hero of the missionary field for men like William Carey and Henry Martyn. His biography was written by Jonathan Edwards. 
He was a man who lived a lot of his life inward... at least thats what I get from listening to the second chapter.  But I liked how he talks about his relationship with God, I need to apply my walk with God to my scripture.   He also speaks plainly about praying daily, "Spent much of the day in prayer."   

Scripture Memory
John 1:12-13
12 But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God, 13 who were born, not of blood nor of the will of the flesh nor of the will of man, but of God.

Leviticus 20:  The LORD speaks to me today!  He gives me guidance through the holy spirit.   Like a good father he teaches us the right and wrong way to conduct ourselves in a worship based community.   Are children valuable here?  Or were they saying if you give even the smallest amount to other Gods, than you are to be cut off from the people?  A note on Nakedness, what is to be seen and what is not to be seen, it affects the heart to see certain things and other things are holy under God.  The LORD alone sanctifies us:   Scarlet Letter a Crimson A.   

 We are to be witness's to the world, this can be done in two ways:  One telling others that God loves them but then being disconnected from the way of Christ, or B.  Walk with God, smile on others, left others up, show the love that God has for us, onto others; prayers for others, show that God loves his Children in such a way that there is an abundance of strong love.  I choose B.  Faith alone saves, but the faith that saves is never alone.

1 Chronicles 10:
When our LORD dies, we die.   Saul fell on his sword and then the rest of his household fall on their swords.   We are to be drawn into the LORD, if our LORD is pronounced dead, then are we dead?  The reason given for Saul's death was that he did not turn to the LORD for guidance he turned to a medium.   Let us be careful to be sons of God and follow our father's advice.   In God we serve all in humility.   Our lord is glorified when we are weak, because his glory is shown by carrying us through.  

Ezekiel 14
Saul turned to the IDOL of "Worldly Wisdom", thus he was cut off from God.  
"the punishment of the prophet (true or false)* and the punishment of the inquirer shall be alike."   The LORD makes a proclamation here.   He states in summary that he alone will make the land profitable or desolate.  He will deliver some out of the land while destroying the rest. He will send the four acts of judgement:  sword, famine,  wild beast, and pestilence to cut off from it man and beast! He is proclaiming that he will not allow moral pollution to go wild like weeds.  We are here to glorify God alone.  

*one definition of prophet that I liked was: 
((dispenser of material sense before the conscious facts of Spiritual Truth) One who goes forward with an opinion with out first going to the Bible to seek clarity))

Philippians 4
Be real in your walk with God.   Focus on behavior that is matching to the role we are, "Sons of Our LORD through Adoption" .   This does not mean that we act the brat, rather we act like noble men who are ready to serve like our LORD served us.   We out of love show the embracing power that is JESUS CHRIST.  
We should also keep our minds on good thoughts and not corrupt them with things that are rotten, this makes me ponder if some of the books in my collection are corrupting influences?  If they are corrupting should I get rid of them?  Also it is difficult for me not to want the applause of men, this is one of my idols that I need to rid myself of today?!

Today  I ask that God show me the idols of my heart, and that I repent of these IDOLS.  Today I seek you first and foremost LORD in establishing harmony in our household.  

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