Jul 20, 2010

CBR 7.20.2010 pt 2

Somehow the Word Document would not quit on the link.   I wanted to publish the second half of my reading notes, so here they are, enjoy.

Ezekeiel 20:  Lamentation to Our Past

This passage is a lamentation.  A lamentation is prose that contrasts hope and doom, and shows the reader where true faith is found.   We often feel that we are seeds planted amongst the weeds. Our hope is the name of Christ.  Christ on our behalf is the best lawyer money can buy.  He will show again and again, that his remnant through his adoption are worthy of God’s gloried smiley face.   God speaks for himself and will stay a true vision if we keep our eyes on him.   The promise is in the next generation. 
*Related Passage Mt 19:13b

1 Thessalonians 2:  Walk Tall and Be an Adult

We still work; we do not quit being functional adults in society.  We don’t say, “Well the devil is after me so I shall not do something I do not want to do.”   We must grow up into Christ.   Thessalonians was writing during a dark period of Christianity when the Romans were hoping to diminish the Christian Light in the world.  Nero and his Chronies were roasting Christians as pits, forcing them to be eaten by lions, and other terrorizing things to see if they could work Christ out of them; they failed to be able to conquer the holy spirit from the Christian Witness.

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