Jul 22, 2010

Thursday Bible Study 6 Am Panera Bread (Genesis 16 continued)

The LORD SEES US when we walk the line between a sacred place and a freezing rain.

Great is thy (God's) faithfulness, 
all that I need God's hand has provided 

Out of alignment the Caravan drifted for ten years into another lane.   Slowly.  Gradually.  Abram, Sarai and Hagar drifted into a sinful way away from God.   The drift took ten years to complete.   But slowly, gradually they were in their own lane.   They were seeing truth outside of truth, stupid is as stupid does.   There are boundaries that God has provided to protect us from wavering to harmful collisions.  

 Abraham is without excuse sure he does not have the bible, but he had the direct commune with God.   He spoke to God as a friend, but instead of listening to the LORD he listened to his wife first.   The LORD is there to protect our relationships with each other.   We should seek the LORD first before we are enabled to love our household correctly.  How do we seek the LORD?  We are enabled by Prayer, Church, and Biblical Meditation in proper perspectives alighted by the HOLY SPIRIT. We are a covenant people who need to stay in our lanes to properly glorify God.

*BTW: (Hagar's Perspective) Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.  Therefore the well was called Beerlai-roi.*  It lies between Kadesh# and Bered^.
Place names have importance in Scripture.
Beelai Roi*Well of the Living one who sees me.
Kadesh #Sacred Place
Bered ^Freezing Rain
Therefore the well was called (Well of the living one who sees me) it lies between (a Sacred Place) and (a freezing rain).The LORD SEES US when we walk the line between a sacred place and a freezing rain.

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