Jul 14, 2010

Church History: Great Awakening in Oxford England Began 1833.

    National Apostasy by John Keble
    Preached at St. Mary's, Oxford, on July 14, 183
    Reading John Keble's National Apostasy sermon some key remarks are made that can be applied to us and our churches today.  (Mind you this was said in 1833).  It amazes me how little of our world has changed since 1833, one hundred and seventy seven years ago. There is always a tendency for our churches to fall into comfortable living and forget what we are called to be, sons and daughters in arms for the Gospel.    

  • Are we disobedient sons who yearn, "To be freer and like the rest of the world."?  
  • Do we wish to divorce ourselves from our favored position of children of God?  Due to too many responsibilities.
  • Is our desire to be lead actors in our own dramas more important than stepping aside and putting the spot light on Christ? 
  • Are the modern times calling for modern responses?      
  • Are modern threats outside of the hands of God?
  • How tolerant should we be of other men's religions under the guise of charity and good will?  Cheering on the "supposed decay of what they call an exclusive system."
  • Do we leave God in the temple on Sunday and not connect god to the rest of our lives?  
  • How do we separate social duty from the word of God?  Do we leave sacred cows apart from God?  God does want our whole hearts devoted to him, our all and all...  
  • "How may a man best reconcile his allegiance to God and his Church with his duty to his county?  What happens when ones country becomes instep with apostates?  Who really protects us?  
  • Whom are we letting our Children be taught by?     
 What is the response: REMONSTRANCE.  When the time comes we shall stand up against the rise of apostates who stand with the lambs.  

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