Jul 7, 2010

CBR 7.7.2010

 John 1:10-11 
10 He was in the world, and the world was made through him, yet the world did not know him. 11 He came to his own, and his own people did not receive him. 

It was necessary for Christ to shed his blood for the sins of his people.  However, when he did that his people were absent, except for a small remnant of true believers.  Yet we did do all of the things God warned us not to do.   We were a cursed nation and needed a way for total repentance.   We needed a clean start.  God has given us this clean salvation through the LORD Jesus Christ. The world did not know him, yet we went looking for answers to our feebleness in the world.   He came to his own and his own people did not receive him.   Why did the people not receive God?  Why did we continue to sin?   Why do we, as Christians, think that the Jewish people do not see a need for the Messiah?

God fulfilled the promise made to the people of Abraham.   He pointed to the stars and said, your household will be as plentiful as these stars.  So many tribes, and so many fallen men.   We are responsible to teach the statues of God so we can proclaim the righteousness of God.  He had made a strong army for his (God's) purposes in his kingdom. (Your kingdom come, your will be done.)  Yet, they went their own way in the world.   They looked towards the livestock of the world as riches, not the richness that is/was promised in the LORD.  When was the first Bar Mitzvah?  When did they begin to learn to read the Torah?  If the Chosen people were prosperous why were they not thankful to God?

We are called to put our trust in the LORD, yet we fail to do that.  We look to a fallen world to find blessings.   We look to a fallen world to find signs.  We look to fallen world to find reassurance.  Our faith alone makes us well.   He was in the world, but we were blinded by the bling bling bling.   We did not revere his ways, we whored against him.  He came to his own and we made a golden calf.  What about the holocaust?  Does God answer our need of reassurance here in Ezekiel 11:15b-17?  How did seeing ourselves as the chosen people keep us far from God? How does it still keep us far from God? * The word chosen here can go for any group that takes pride in being the ones with the gifted adoption,  I do not mean merely Jewish People.   

Paul wrote this while in Prison.  They could lock up his physical body but they could not lock up his spirit or his ability to lead the church away from the body.   His faith was still strong in the building up of the body of believers, even when he has no signs except a cage of solitude.  This shows how God can use all people to save the people of Abraham.  The chosen tribes looked at the situation in the world as the sign of God's providence. They gave up because their faith was feeble. God was in the world for he created it.  But the signs of the times were bright shinny things that made man fall deep into despair.   However, he, the LORD never gave up on the people he created in his image.  

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