Feb 21, 2012

Hebrews 5:1-10 Part Two

The cosmonaut, Levi entered Mel's Place, located in the corner of the galaxy.
He was hungry as his search for God knows what had taken longer than he had expected. And he hungered.  He had been out in the galaxy for forty days and forty nights only eating "matzoh, dried peas, and dried up hearing." So eating at Mel's was a thing he had been looking forward to for at least twenty days. 
Mel's was located on a small rock that looked much like earth but was a fraction of the size.   In fact, the only space that was available was held by this small dinner.

Levi entered the double doors and walked on the black and white checkerboard Formica.  He could smell the incredible delectable being served at the counter.

Levi's favorite incredible delectable was Mel's Reuben.  Mel's Reuben was rated by Zagat 2222 as "The  Best Sandwich In the Whole Galaxy." 
What made it great? Here I'll tell ya. 
First they started with home-made rye bread from the recipe of an old Polish Jewish Grand-Mother. She was remembered speaking at Sheul that she loved to bake for her eynikl.   The grandson sold the recipe to Mels.  And Mel's was now selling it to the elected cosmonauts who found this corner of the galaxy.  Enough about bread onto the rest of the Sandwich.  So then Mel's smoothered the bread with  1,000 Island Dressing.  Then they added Sour-Krout.  Then they put the sandwich in the oven and baked it perfectly so that all the ingredients communed into one delicious shintke.
You might ask yourself, "Where is the cheese?"  The sandwich is Kosher, so why would they include cheese on it you shmo!!!

What made Mel's the Dinner to be destined on Route 77 was that when you entered you could hear the heavenly choir play a song beyond description.   The music of the orbs was formed from the tension between the strings of truth, and the strings of compassion.

Note: This is where I am stumbling in telling this.  I am attempting to explain the unexplainable so that maybe one can say it better than myself.  But here it goes....
Perfectly arranged by Jesus the composer of a heavenly endowed symphony.
Here is a symphony so pure that only some can hear it. The sound was one of the energizing truth and the comforting compassion, perfectly arranged for the believer. A believer who has set his heart on Jesus as the author.
The composition held the sacred truth endowed by Christ.  Christ had arranged the notes perfectly to effectively move us towards a pure melody.  The symphony called us to rely on him for intercession.  Jesus melody enabled the congregation to move from the dark caves toward the lighted valley.  A way for the congregation to move away from the hidden, undoing discord.  The tune(s) that we have buried deep within the secret corridors of their hearts.  Jesus as John Owen said, "authored an endless, unchangeable, and permanent song of salvation to all those who come to him."  If we hear this tune today we shall dance faithfully, to the harmony of the Triune Tune. 

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