Feb 21, 2012

St. Peters in Rome
I am so thankful for the encouragement from Ms. Hamilton.
I agree with her comment, "Stepping away from familiar into a complete unknown."
Though, I was not truly sure what I was attempting to say. I get an impression and go with it. And allow the impression to shape my thoughts.
I do not start with a proverb or a key thought and then shape my stories around that proverb.  What I do is open my journal while Dave is preaching.  I attend to the thoughts that collide in my head from a combination of words in the sermon and the inner creative spark.   It is a meditative prayer of some sort.  I have to accept the gift that is given to me and then form it into an expression.
  Sometimes the clearest way is a story.  Sometimes the clearest way is a poetic form like Haiku.  Sometimes it is just a picture.   What ever way I attempt it hopefully glorifies God.

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