Feb 15, 2012

Walking in the Light Not in the Veil

Matthew 2:1-12:
I love that my Auntie Gail is currently writing a blog (Wonderings by Gail +) every month. Gail is an Episciple Priest and has great knowledge in the word of God. 
Last month on January 6th she wrote of the Magi and the light they saw. The light that led them to Jesus Christ. There is so much in the details of the Magis in Matthew 2:1-12. She inspired me to write a few notes in response that I would like to share with my readers here. Hopefully this inspires you.

God's continual work is amazing. I am amazed that God is always there despite our weak selves. Or because of our weak selves. The Magis"saw something so incomprehensible, so beyond normal, that they felt compelled to follow." What could compel yet not terrify-a light. We were drawn by a new light in the sky - in the ceilo - the spanish word for heaven. It was written in heaven before the Magis saw the light.
Think of light speed...
The problem with the light is that we are attracted to it. But we must be careful to search and study God's word because Light is neutral. It can be both good and evil. God's light is purely good.
Lucifer means light but as we know he is the distorted twisted good and ultimate evil catalyst for our fall from Eden. Thank God we have our ultimate hope in Jesus Christ our savior and redeemer. We must not grow discouraged in our careful walk through the valley of the shadow of death. It is a dangerous walk we tread because there are archers in the hills and we must get low.

Remember God's light is purely radiant goodness.  However, when this light gets mixed with us humans it becomes impure.  An impure light. And without the word of God we will dwell in the shadowed regions.
We know we must follow with the good news and the good light that will emanate from our communion with God. This light has the power to cut through the darkened veil that Lucifer casts in order to deceive our fallen eyes.
In summary, God's Pure Word lights the path; everything else fails to cut through the shadowed veil.

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