Feb 14, 2012

Time Turns on a Dime

Time According to Stephen King: Impressions from 11.22.63

Note:this review on the premise that time travel is possible, in order to avoid getting stuck in a review of time travel 

Time harmonizes with itself.    One can imagine a classical guitar player playing a melody, so pure that the million strings on the million string guitar gets tighter and tighter, then the crystal breaks and shatters as the customers scream.  Time knows how many strings are to be played at any one time.  King shows that if one goes back in time the harmony may get too pure that it will reverberate across the time strings.  The tune will have costly results.

Time is not something to play with. We all have a need to reset some part of our past.  The day we walked into the local newsstand and bought our first porno magazine.   The day we missed an important deadline.  The day we blew off our dad or mom when they needed us most. But time turns on a dime. The tune has already been perfectly harmonized.   So what does that mean to the troubles of a time? 
Well that is part of the harmonization.    However, this is not a bitter note.  This is a note that life is life.  And one’s hopes are important, because when people lose hope there is bound to be explosions.

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