Feb 23, 2012

THe Fountainhead of the Past

The following quote illustrates and points to what I am attempting to do with my stories here.  The quote comes from a book I found on the Gutenberg website, and is titled The Legends of the Jews volume 1, by Louis Ginzberg published in 1909.  I hope you enjoy the quote.

"Quote"Men craved entertainment in later times as well as in the earlier, only instead of restoring for its subject matter to what happened under their eyes, they drew from the fountainhead of the past. ... The religious reflections upon nature laid down in the myths of the people, the fairy tales, which have the sole object of pleasing, and the legends, which are the people's verdict upon history - all these were welded into one product.   The fancy of the Jewish People was engaged by the past reflected in the Bible, and all its creations wear a Biblical hue for this reason.

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